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Marche Tales was established by the Peake family purely to publish their own books.  This was enormously important because only then would we have full control of the end product which we felt was essential. This enables us to use the very best illustrators and graphic designers to produce vibrant books which we hope children will not be able to put down once they have started to read them.

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Books For All Ages

We have all heard how sick children have been comforted by listening to stories of their favourite fictional characters.  As our books are packed with loveable characters we want them to be enjoyed by all ages, starting with our ABC and counting books for age 2+, then through a series of stories for all ages based around the same animals and farmyard.

I have been writing now for nearly 25 years, intensively for the last 5.  First it was just the story, then it became much more. I want children to read my and other authors' books. I want to make children want to read, which is why we use extravagant illustrations and reader-friendly words. The speed at which a child can read is the key to enjoying reading, so it is essential a book should appeal to them. If children have not become competent readers before they are subjected to the likes of video games and mobile phones there may be little chance of it happening afterwards.

- Peter R Peake, the Author